Working while studying

Get a head start in the job market

There are multiple ways to gain experience and at the same time earn some extra money during your studies. As a future science professional, you are already of interest to employers. They can provide summer jobs, paid internships, or a purely consultative assignment. Nor is it uncommon to be paid while you work on your degree project for a company. Your greatest benefit from these jobs is probably not the money, even though that does come in handy, of course, but rather the contacts, experience, and qualifications you take away with you. Through the job database of Uppsala University, UU CarrerGate , you can find job offers and place your own services on the market - it is unfortunately not in English but you can always ask a Swedish friend to help you and some job offers are written in English. You can also look for work at employment exchanges and on employers’ homepages or by contacting them directly.

You are our most important marketing resource

As a master student, you are an invaluable disseminator of information to future students about what it’s like to take your programme and study science at Uppsala University. Like all other higher-education institutions, we need to work with marketing our programmes in order to arouse people’s interest and increase the number of applications. An important part of marketing is the personal encounters between our students and prospective recruits. What you have to say, as a student, is much more trustworthy to them than what an information officer or study counsellor says. Share your experience and inspire others to choose to study science at Uppsala University. Go home to visit your home university and share your experiences of your master studies at Uppsala University and we can offer you the compensation for the trip (up to 5 000 SEK). If your are interested contact our information officer Madeleine Jansson.