Share your experience about "Swedishness" to new students

2 May 2019

Student Health Services (Studenthälsan) are looking for students for a focus group meeting + an event for new students on August 27. The theme is Cultural Awareness & "Swedishness".


Frida and I, Anna, are both counselors at the Student Health Services that have an extra focus on working with international students and we are preparing for a presentation about Cultural Awareness & "Swedishness" for the new international students during their arrival week this fall. On August 27th we will have two sessions (one morning and one afternoon) where we plan to give a presentation and then to have a panel of about 5 international students who have been in Sweden a few years to share their experiences and answer questions from the new students.

Do you have information that you wish someone would have shared with you when you arrived in Sweden? Do you think it would be fun to share an anecdote from your experience or any tips?

Please join the panel!

In preparation for these events, we would like to invite you to come to discuss these topics and, of course, “fika” with us. To start we have three different dates in May that work for us and hope that something fits well for all of you;

9/5 at 13-14:30,

10/5 at 12:30-14,

17/5 at 12:30-14.

If none of these dates work for you, but you are interested in participating, please respond and let us know what might work better for you.

We hope this will be a great way for students to have an easier time adjusting here in Uppsala and look forward to hearing your ideas as their peers!

Please sign up by emailing us at:


With warm welcome,

Anna and Frida

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