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Applied Mathematics and Statistics

with specialization in: Astrophysics


For new admissons after 2019-07-01, see Molecular Life Science.

Biology (common study plan to all specializations)
with specialization in: Animal Conservation, Animal Ecology, Animal Development, Comparative Physiology, Ecological Botany, Environmental Toxicology, Evolutionary Functional Genomics, Evolutionary Genetics, Evolutionary Organismal Biology, Human Evolution and Genetics, Limnology, Microbiology**, Molecular Biology**, Molecular Biotechnology**, Molecular Cell Biology**, Molecular Evolution**, Molecular Immunology**, Molecular Life Science, Physiological Botany, Population Biology, Structural Biology**, Systematics
**For new admissions after 2019-07-01, see Molecular Life Science.

with specialization in: Analytic Chemistry, Biophysics**, Chemical PhysicsInorganic chemistry, Macromolecular chemistryMaterials Chemistry, Microbial Chemistry, Molecular Biomimetics, Organic Chemistry, Physical ChemistryPolymer ChemistryTheoretical Chemistry
**For new admissions after 2019-07-01, see Molecular Life Science.

Civil and Structural Engineering

Computer Science (51 kB) 
with specialization in: Computer Communication (102 kB)Computer Science Education ResearchDatabase Technology, Embedded Systems (52 kB), Human-Computer Interaction (88 kB)

Computerized Image Processing

Earth Science
with specialization in: Environmental AnalysisHistorical Geology and PalaeontologyMineralogy, Petrology and TectonicsPhysical Geography

Electrical Engineering 
with specialization in: Automatic ControlSignal Processing

Engineering Sciences
with specialization in: Applied MechanicsCivil Engineering and Built EnvironmentElectrical Discharges in the AtmosphereElectronicsIndustrial Engineering and Managment, Materials Analysis, Materials ScienceMicrosystems TechnologyMicrowave EngineeringNanotechnology and Functional Materials, Science of Electricity, Solid Mechanics, Solid State PhysicsTribomaterials

Geophysics (common study plan to all specializations)
with specialization in: Seismology, Solid Earth Physics




Molecular Life Science (245 kB)

Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

with specialization in: Applied Nuclear Physics*, Astrophysics, Atomic, Molecular and Condensed Matter Physics*, Biophysics (TNFYSI10)*, Biophysics (TNFYSI03)** Elementary Particle Physics*, Ion Physics*, Nuclear Physics*, Physics Education Research, Space and Plasma Physics
* For new admissions after 2016-11-01, see Physics.
** For new admissions after 2019-07-01, see Molecular Life Science.

Scientific Computing
with specialization in Numerical Analysis

Theoretical Physics

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