Checklist before a PhD degree

How are dissertations affected by the new coronavirus?

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Before the faculty opponent and the examination committee are appointed and before the dissertation is sent to the printers.

Double check the research subject/ specialisation in Ladok and the degree title ("teknologie" or "filosofie" licentiate-/doctor degree) in the decision of admisson. 

The degree certificate states subject as well as specialisation.

For possible change of degree title ("teknologie" or "filosofie" licentiate-/doctor degree) see the faculty's regulations on changing the degree title (only in Swedish).

Doctoral student double check the research subject/ specialisation and the degree title ("teknologie" or "filosofie" licentiate-/doctor degree). 

If applicable, doctoral student apply for change of subject using the form application for admission to postgraduate education. Desicion is made by the head of the department.

If applicable, doctoral student send a request of changing the degree title to the faculty board.

At least six months before the public defence.

Approach faculty opponent and assess an approximate time for public defence with regard to probable completion date for dissertation.

Main supervisor in consultation with other supervisor(s) and subject responsible professor.

Approx. six months before the public defence.

Determine the date for the public defence. The public defence may take place during semesters and during the summer break with the exception of the period from 15 June to 15 August.

Book public defence day and time in the online calendar. Make a preliminary booking already when approaching an opponent. Maria Grazia Muggeri can answer your questions.

Date is determined by consultation between doctoral student, supervisor and faculty opponent.

Doctoral student book defence in the online calender.

A few months before the public defence.

Ensure that all courses have been completed and that they are reported in Ladok. Check against the subject curriculum and the individual study plan (course in research ethics of at least 2 credits is mandatory for doctor degree). Read more regarding course requirements.

Doctoral student and (main) supervisor

A few months before the public defence.

Appoint faculty opponent and examination committee using the form Opponent and examination committe at public defence

Inform opponent and examination committee about the procedure of public defence. See faculty's regulations regarding public defence and examination committee

Especially important to inform a foreign opponent about the procedure. See faculty's Information for the examination committee and the opponent.

Main supervisor (in collaboration with the other supervisor(s) and the subject responsible professor) sends proposal to the faculty office.

Section dean makes decision about faculty opponent and grading committee. 
The time for the public defence is thereby affirmed.

Main supervisor is responsible for informing the opponent about the procedure.

A few months before the public defence.

Permission from journal publishers to print published papers.

Book a schedule for the production at least 14 weeks before the public defence.

Doctoral student

A few months before the public defence.

Book a hall for the public defence.

Supervisor/doctoral student. In case the public defence will be held at a different location a request has to be made to the Faculty of Science and Technology.

10 weeks before public defence.

Official notification of the date of the public defence to take place three term weeks in advance. The period from 15 June to 15 August may not be counted in this period of availability.

The university library website provides information on printing, official notification and advertising and summary. 

The thesis must have a 2-5 page summary in Swedish.

Doctoral student.

At the latest, three term weeks before the public defence. 

The thesis is sent out to the faculty opponent, grading committee and same subject departments in the country (a mailing list should exist in the department) and for deposition in Carolina (10 copies of the obligatory edition of 80 copies)

Information about the thesis is sent out to all departments within the section, to relevant departments at other Swedish universities and the university calendar.

Subject responsible professor provides mailing list.

Doctoral student distributes the thesis.

Approx. two weeks before the public defence.

Information for press release concerning the dissertation sent to the Information Office.

Information Office contacts the doctoral student who now must have the text ready.

Before the degree can be awarded.

Report to Ladok that all courses for doctoral degree have been completed (course on Research Ethics of at least 2 credits is mandatory for Doctor degree).

 (Main) supervisor.

The day of the public defence.

Public defence and examination committee meeting. Form for examination committee protocol for doctoral degree

Doctoral student, faculty opponent and examination committee, etc.

After public defence.

1. Approved public defence reported to Uppdok.
2. Grading committee minutes sent to the Faculty Office.
3. If the dissertation is not approved (fail) the section for digital publishing must be notified

 (Main) supervisor.

After public defence.

Application for degree certificate.

Doctoral student applies to the Graduation Office.